Body Development
Personality Development
Language Development
By 12 Months    
sits steadily for 10 minutes pulls to standing position
picks up objects with fingers
Develops some confidence with strangers.
Shows emotion Cooperates in dressing
Waves bye-bye.
Understands no Says two words Turns many book pages at one time
By 15 Months
Cruises-walking while holding on Stands by self momentarily
Scribbles with crayon Walks a few steps
Lets you know if diaper is soiled Doesn't listen to "no"Throws/drops things from high chair, but wants them back
Says 5 words including people's names Understands simple comments Imitates adult speech Points to body parts when named
By 18 Months    
Creeps up stairs by self
Walks without falling
Climbs stairs with hand held
Pulls or throws toys
Is impatient when difficulty
Is disobedient
May be "shy" with strangers
Takes off shoes
Asks for "more"
Points to pictures that are named Says "all gone".
By 24 Months    
Runs without falling
Walks up and down stairs
Turns pages of book
Imitates housework
Doesn't share but gives if asks
Put on simple clothing
Uses 3- words sentence uses, I, me, mine.
Names and points to pictures
By 27 Months    
Walks on tip toes
Jumps with both feet
Stands on one foot
Washes and dries hands
Plays simple games with others
Bosses other children around
Gives first and last names when asked Uses plural
Names, identifies colors
By 30 Months    
Copies a line of print
Shows need to go to toilet Builds simple block patterns
Enjoys telling family stories
Shows concern, affection for parents Dislikes attention given to siblings
Repeats parts of nursery rhymes, stories, finger play.
Uses size words:big;little
Uses 500+ words
By 36 Months    
Hops on one foot
Uses scissors to cut paper
Puts on coat, shoes
Climbs stairs placing one foot on each step
Lets others go first
Is less likely to have tantrums
Expresses some feeling verbally Shows some pleasure in dealing with people
Understands in, out ,under
Listens for 5 minutes to stories.
Identifies objects by use
Acts out simple stories