Our facilitators are caregivers - They are warm, affectionate and responsive to the children’s needs and always have something positive to share with parents about their child.

We see them as friend, mentor and guide for children. They have been carefully selected for not only their skills and experience but also for their passion and commitment towards the holistic development of the child. They understand the different stages of child development and offer children multiple ways to learn, practice and apply skills. Depending on the child’s level, learning objective and the desired outcome, our facilitators adapt a variety of instructional strategies which are a combination of encouragement, giving feedback, displaying a skill or behavior, creating or adding a challenge, providing information, giving directions etc. While doing so, the teacher takes the child through the stages of
I doyou watch”, “I do….. you help”, “You do……. I help”, “You do …….. I watch”.

Our facilitators are continually trained and kept informed about the latest research in child development and teaching methodologies. They along with the other staff are not only empowered to handle the physical and emotional needs of the children but to also deliver care, compassion and love.