Educational Catalysts (EC) was set up nearly a decade ago with the specific intent of specializing and functioning in the area of early childhood education with the primary focus being on the holistic development of children below the age of 6 years including addressing the needs of differently-abled children.  In order to give shape to this strategic intent, a four pronged approach was developed incorporating the following:

   Setting up pre-schools and day care learning centers implementing EC’s proprietary and   well researched curriculum - “Catalyst Advantage Curricula”

   Training and developing teaching skills and abilities in individuals to handle young  children, incorporating the latest research, trends and practices in the area of early  childhood care and education.

    Providing consultancy and undertaking turnkey projects for Corporates and individuals for setting up pre-schools and day care learning centers.

   Partnering with parents and conducting workshops to bring about awareness amongst   them on child development and learning processes.

Today, Educational Catalysts India Pvt. Ltd. has grown to be a multi-dimensional organization successful in furthering the cause of learning and caring for children upto 6 years of age.